Introducing the DETECT™ 1000

Front view of the DETECT 1000, a CT baggage scanner
side view of the DETECT 1000, a CT baggage scanner

The DETECT™ 1000 delivers unmatched resolution and automated threat detection to speed up operations and transform security. Based on medical, computed tomography (CT) imaging technology, the DETECT™ 1000 is a powerful lens with which to see and identify smaller and more advanced threats than ever before. This high performance and high resolution system eliminates the burden of removing laptops and liquids from bags. 


  • TSA and ECAC certified

  • Unprecedented detection and low false alarm rates

  • Industry-leading imaging; the highest resolution available

  • Clear threat isolation for verification through user-friendly on-screen analytics tools

  • High speed screening: 600+ bags per hour

  • Designed for standalone operation or integration with Automated Security Lanes and Smart Lanes

  • Checkpoint compliant size, weight and power

  • High operational availability of 99.9% over a 10-year Operational Life Cycle

  • Cost effective design supports easily definable return on investment and total cost of ownership


**Images above feature simulated explosives**