Leaders Advancing Security Technology

Founded in May 2012, IDSS assembled one of the most forward-thinking and experienced technology and business teams in the security industry.  Driven by a commitment to support the mission of addressing advanced threats in a growing world of uncertainty, IDSS is founded upon an ethos of partnership with security operators to create preemptive and collaborative solutions to address and mitigate emerging threats. In a time when threats rapidly evolve, proliferate and are presented in all kinds of shapes, sizes and levels of sophistication, detection platforms must be able to adapt and innovate quickly to thwart attacks.  

As an integral part of our team, you will develop and deliver innovative and next generation threat detection and security solutions to US and international security operators. While we develop technology, we are committed to developing people as well as solutions. Committed to supporting personal and professional growth and skills development, with support from senior management, we offer opportunities that challenge and reward in equal measure.

We provide competitive compensation and benefits packages. Benefits include: comprehensive health, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage and 401(k) matching. IDSS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.