The DETECT™ 1000 is a Dual-Energy Computed Tomography (DECT) Scanner with fully automated threat detection for carry-on baggage.  The IDSS DETECT incorporates patent-pending technologies to achieve unprecedented detection capability and minimizes false (or annoyance) alarms from non-explosive materials.  Based on advanced medical computed tomography (CT) technology the DETECT TM 1000 analyzes the material characteristics of objects within passengers’ bags and determines if they match the density of explosive material in threatening volumes.



      System highlights

      • Unprecedented Detection / FAR Performance. Independently validated verses TSA Standards
      • High Quality Images, Far superior to any scanner ever built
      • Easily Identifiable Threat Isolation for Verification, along with user-friendly on-screen-tools
      • Throughput speed of >600 Bags per hour, far exceeding X-ray scanner realized throughput
      • Fully-compliant size, weight and power for airport checkpoint installations
      • Operational reliability of 99.9% over a 10 year Operational Life Cycle
      • Cost effective design for an easily definable return on investment and total cost of ownership